The Bandit Guns Stun Opponents with an Onslaught of Burning Rubber

 - Nov 11, 2012
References: kickstarter & coolmaterial
As a child you may remember wrapping a rubber band around your forefinger and pinky to fire at your school friends, and the Bandit Guns can do all that for you. These wooden guns let you fire multiple rubber bands at your opponent like a loaded shotgun.

It is designed using 14 pieces of plywood laser cut into the shape of a deathly weapon. The pieces are stacked on top of one another and held together by bolts. The Bandit Guns include three settings: Single Shot, Rapid Fire and Shotgun Blast. By pumping the actuator you can either fire one rubber band at your foe, multiple, or all of them at once for the ultimate stinging sensation. The weapon was made by Bob Coulston as a Kickstarter project.