The Leaf-Band-Aid Changes Color To Signal When Swapping Is Needed

 - Aug 24, 2016
References: red-dot-21 & yankodesign
When it comes to wrapping up injuries it can be difficult to tell when a band-aid needs to be swapped out to ensure the wound is properly cared for. That is exactly where the Leaf-Band-Aid comes into play, offering an innovative color-changing design that alerts wearers when their bandages need to be changed. The design takes inspiration from tree leaves changing in the fall, moving from a green tone when fresh to an amber hue when it is time to switch.

The Leaf-Band-Aids offer consumers insight into how their cuts and scrapes are healing, by alerting them to when it is necessary to apply new bandages. The band-aids feature a design inspired by the streams and aesthetic of leaves, that then changes color as the days pass. At day 3 the band-aid will turn orange, to signal it needs to be replaced.