Bamboo Comprises Modular Metropolitan Objects Borne of Natural Inspiration

 - Jan 14, 2012
There is a sense that city infrastructure must be streamlined, which is a notion that can leave little room for the exploration of organic forms. Bamboo by Rita Ferrao manages to infuse slick public objects with a hint of natural expression, thanks to inspiration from the pure and simple stalk of woody grass.

Five items make up this collection of urban park or plaza pieces including a bench, a garbage can, a bike rack, a tree ring and a bollard. Each has been sculpted to take a sleek and slightly abstract form, embracing the concept of smooth surfaces but exuding the subtleties of flared edges and asymmetries. The hard shells of the objects are mostly ebony in hue, but Bamboo by Rita Ferrao incorporates a flash of neon green in each, referencing the lush color of nature's plants.