M.R. Horhager's BALL'OONS Video Explores the Fragility of Life

 - Aug 9, 2011
References: vimeo & blogimmliving.tumblr
Thanks to Pixar and other animated film studios, digital shorts like BALL'OONS are becoming more and more mainstream, encouraging other artists to explore this medium and make it their own. This adorable cartoon explores the idea of loneliness and fragility of life in a fun and innocent way.

The BALL'OONS digital short follows a dog and his sad owner as they play fetch. Instead of bringing back the ball, however, the dog brings back a red balloon which his master then blows up to create a companion. Of course, he takes it a bit too far, leading to his own destruction.

Directed by Toronto-based Mathias Richard Horhager, The BALL'OONS digital short was expertly animated by Sean Janisse and Seann Marsh with sound by Makai Black.