The Balcony Tealight Fastens to Balcony Rails Via Squidlike Appendages

 - Jul 17, 2011
References: barbedshop &
I think the function of the Balcony Tealight is great, but what truly takes this idea to the next level is the fact that these vibrantly colored illuminators fasten to balcony rails via octopuslike tentacles. It truly gives an organic way to spruce up a living space.

What's also great about the Balcony Tealight is that Barbed, the company behind these creepy-crawly lights, also used the same concept for a bunch of other quirky products. Now you can have a balcony full of tentacle flower vases as well as tentacle ashtrays.

Implications - Consumers enjoy furniture design that is idiosyncratic because it satiates their desire to create distinctive living spaces unlike those of their peers. Corporations should take this consumer desire for individuality into consideration when designing new products.