Davide De Conti Captures the Backbreaking Labor of Sulfur Miners

 - Sep 17, 2015
References: behance.net & mymodernmet
This photoseries by Italian photographer Davide De Conti captures the backbreaking labor and determined dedication of Indonesian sulfur miners.

The dangerous and tiring job of yellow sulfur mining is put on full display for Conti's latest project 'The Quest for Poor's Gold.' These Indonesian miners were photographed by a beautiful but highly acidic lake at the foot of an active volcano in Eastern Java. Each of the miners must perform daily backbreaking labor by collecting heavy loads of sulfur that must then be hauled up to the top of a crater by hand.

The life of an Indonesian sulfur miner certainly isn't easy. The average life expectancy for this occupation is only 50 years of age, but to provide a better life for their families, these miners are willing to withstand toxic fumes with little to no protection just to make $12 dollars per day.