Baby Pop by Paul Venaille is Bright and Contemporary

 - Dec 17, 2013
References: design-milk
Baby Pop by Paul Venaille, a French industrial designer, is a chair that operates along an optical illusion. Although it looks rather basic, the design is twofold in order to introduce this visually striking detail. Made out of wood, fiberglass and resin, it looks like a bright pink square is hovering above the it.

In reality, Baby Pop by Paul Venaille simply melds with the decal that rests on the floor. Inspired by the work of George Rousse, the semi lounge chair is quite the conversation starter. Perfect for the contemporary home that is full of interactive, quirky art pieces, it will surely stand out among the crowd. As written by the designer, "The geometry of the anamorphic disrupts the harmony of rounded lines of the chair and disturb the viewer."