Photographer Yvonne Todd is Inspired by 90s Commercial Photo Studios

 - Sep 4, 2014
References: ervon & beautifuldecay
Many probably hold the belief that there are only awkward glamour shots and never good ones. Although a few can manage to look normal in some of them, more often than not these retro techniques from the 90s result in forced poses and bizarre effects that are more giggle worthy than anything else.

To perpetuate the idea of awkward glamour shots, photographer Yvonne Todd relies on classic techniques from 90s commercial photography studios to create a series that manages to go beyond awkward. As though inspired in part by interpretive contemporary dance, there are a lot of nude bodysuits, weird movements and more. Todd states, "I feel compelled to create 'revised' photographic conventions drawn from advertising imagery, stock photography, catalogs, brochures, corporate portraits, mass-market fiction, religious cults, soap operas, show business, and the glimpses and fragments that resonate in my memory and imagination."