Wafi Batarfie Creates an Art-Inspired Makeup Ad for Avon

 - Sep 28, 2013
References: behance.net & behance.net
Wafi Batarfie is a freelance designer who creates this beauty campaign ad using world famous paintings to display Avon makeup. Batarfie explains how in Indonesia, Avon was a famous brand, but lost the attention in recent years. Therefore, he decides to create ads in order to boost the brand name and add spice to the industry.

The campaign is called ‘Legendary Beauty’ and uses famous paintings such as the ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring.’ The caption: "Bring Beauty to The Legend Level" is used in order to show the power of ‘Avon’ makeup and how it is worth putting on legends. The women in the paintings can be seen with new makeovers, where makeup is used to enhance the icon portraits.

Batarfie creates an interesting idea for a brand that needs a facelift within his home country.