The 'Magisto' App is Designed for Editing Short Video Content

 - Mar 17, 2016
Magisto is an automated video editing app designed for those who may not have the time or the skills to edit video content. For startups and other small businesses, it may not be possible to hire a professional video editor for each project. This app automates the editing process so that companies can produce video content more easily.

Magisto is a free app that automatically edits video content that is less than 75 seconds long. Once the user uploads their content, they can select the style, soundtrack and title for their video. The app will then take care of the editing process for the user by selecting and editing the best footage. The app can also be used for making 15-second Instagram videos using a similar process. The idea behind the platform is to provide a low-budget editing solution for companies producing short video content, such as the kind shared on social media.

While Magisto is limited to short clips, the automated video editing app serves as a useful editing tool for companies that may not have the skills to carry out the editing process on their own.