Aurore by Elodie Delassus Introduces Lush Life and Illumination Indoors

 - Jan 21, 2012
References: coroflot
There are few people in the modern world who are satisfied to stay on the sun's schedule, never feeling the urge to sleep past sunrise or stay up well beyond the sunset. Aurore by Elodie Delassus may be great for those who find that they use their curtains quite regularly, delivering soft diffuse illumination according to a customized itinerary.

This is accomplished through a pair of light boxes, designed to be hung on the wall. They are meant to behave like windows for the purpose of emitting a glow, but being made of injected plastic and sanded glass, they offer no view to the outside. Instead, they're patterned with horizontal 'boat curtain' stripes and accommodate the placement of plants, flowers or other objects on their thin ledges. Aurore by Elodie Delassus includes a clock above to set your agenda for light intensity throughout the day.