The Aukey 4.8A Dual USB Car Charger is Compactly Convenient

 - Jan 26, 2016
References: aukey & co-op.kinja
The Aukey 4.8A Dual USB car charger is an extremely simple yet useful device that makes it easier than ever for you to keep all of your favorite devices juiced up and ready when on the road.

Ultimately, what you want in a USB car charger is a device that is there for you when you need it, but that is out of the way when you're driving or otherwise occupied. The Aukey 4.8A Dual USB car charger offers exactly this, sitting comfortably in your car's cigarette lighter when stowed away. This allows it to be easily folded away out of sight particularly in those cars that are equipped with flip-up ports.

Reliable when in use and unintrusive when not, the Aukey 4.8A Dual USB car charger is perfect for people who are on the road a lot and need to stay connected to the world through their devices.