The Augustinianum is a School for Gifted Students in Eindhoven

 - Feb 6, 2018
References: archdaily
School is one of the key areas when most people develop their senses of self, and The Augustinianum is a new school in Eindhoven that's designed to reflect the importance of that task. The school is modern and airy, with rooms designed to maximize the creative and informative potential for students and teachers alike.

The Augustinianum has rich roots in Eindhoven. Back in the 1950s, the original school was built and run by Augustinian monks, and it gained a reputation as a school for gifted students that harmonized learning with sports, drama, and pop music. However, the architecture of that building was no longer appropriate for the modern demands on the school, so architecten|en|en and Studio Leon Thier worked on a new design. The current building incorporates an interesting feature called 'The Agora', a wide open meeting place in the center of the school.

Image Credit: BASE Photography