The Audi Quattroplex

 - Oct 15, 2008
References: mdolla
Well this is just silly. Extreme. Cool. Concept. But still silly. The Audi Quattroflex is a concept designed by Alexey Bykov. He first created designs for the vehicle back in December 2006, but updated his work this year to qualify for a new competition.

"The basic concept is the capability of transforming the shape of the passenger seats, by using futuristic flexible shape memory materials," says.

Why would a designer waste his time and somebody else's money to design a two cylinder, two seat, four wheeler that is controlled by a joystick?

"The similarity with an horseless carriage was intentional and based on the competition theme 'Emotion in Motion.'"

It may flaunt some super-dooper technology that isn't obvious, but what's with the tilt wheels? And why so big? I don't get it.