The 'Atmosphere Aerosol' is a Spray Can that Acts like a Smoke Machine

 - Dec 8, 2015
References: atmosphereaerosol & nofilmschool
This unique product from Atmosphere Aerosol is a spray can that carries the same function as a smoke machine. This product is portable, affordable and will add a creative dimension to photographs.

The purpose of this product is to add an enchanted feeling to wedding photographs or an eerie feeling to spooky portraits. The Atmosphere Aerosol can provides a mist of fog that resembles a haze and can dramatically alter the look and feel of any motion picture or still-framed image. Users simply shake the can, spray the room or location of about 20 seconds and capture an image. The amount of light provided will alter the mist as well, which means that a light source is required in order to see the effects of this product.

The simplicity of the product is ideal for photographers and cinematographers alike. Unlike a heavy-duty fog machine that can be fairly pricey, this product provides an affordable alternative.