The Footbonaut Kicks Soccer Training Up a Notch

 - Nov 5, 2012
References: whoateallthepies & thesun
Burrusia Dortmund, a high-tier German soccer team, has begun training its players using a new high-tech contraption called the Footbonaut.

Footbonaut is a four-sided ball feeding machine. It sits on an elevated platform and has an area of 40 m2. Along its four walls are 64 targets through which player must successfully place the ball. Skills such as passing, shooting and lobbing are necessarily used and, in turn, developed through using the machine.

Information about an athlete's performance, such as overall speed and accuracy during Footbonaut training is also recorded and aggregated into simple easy-to-read visuals and charts.

The Footbonaut is a great example of how sports today are leveraging modern digital technology to better train athletes and enhance overall performance.