Dan Polydoris' Atari 2600 Action Figures Pay Tribute to Retro Console Games

 - Nov 25, 2013
References: danpolydoris & technabob
Dan Polydoris is the man behind these Atari 2600 Action Figures. These toys are based off of the 8-bit characters from classic games such as 'Pitfall!' and 'Frostbite.' What makes these action figures so awesome is that Polydoris had little to go off of when making them. Each character in the game was made up of few pixels and even fewer colors.

The Atari 2600 Action Figures all started life as G.I. Joe action figures but some paint and imagination was all it took to completely change their look. Polydoris even took the trouble of creating packaging for the action figures, something which is sure to please gamer geeks who remember the good old days of the Atari 2600.