These Asurin Fresh Air Ads Transform Bad Smells into Fresh Air

 - May 23, 2013
References: fwkargentina & adsoftheworld
There's probably nothing worse than being hit by a foul odour, but these Asurin Fresh Air ads offer some much appreciated relief.

Consisting of two images, one of a chef and another one a waitress, the ads show how each step out into the back of the restaurant to take in a deep breath of fresh air - something you normally wouldn't expect with an alleyway full of garbage bags. Copywriter Matías Abbondio spells out the secret behind this with the direct and informative words: "Asurín bags with easy close. The bag closes, the smell goes away."

These Asurin Fresh Air advertisements give hope to all those who think that bad smells simply can't be stopped.