This Earthy Shibari Wear by Astrid Tirlea is Shame-Free

Romanian fashion design student Astrid Tirlea masterfully explores the art of Kinbaku, or Shibari (Bondage as we know it), and how it can be translated to a non-erotic, high-fashion context in her graduation work.

Astrid Tirlea achieves her objective distinctively with this organic creation filled with intricate and intriguing bondage patterns, soft color tones and striking, voluminous shapes. The fashionable Shibari creations stand out from contemporary exaggerated Gagalicious styles, but at the same time blend in beautifully with current fashion themes.

As explained by the designer, " important aspect of the project highlights the fact that bondage can become a "recreational" source, a way of transforming the self by accepting domination, and thus can lose some of its erotic character, becoming a natural, shame-free habit." And Astrid Tirlea's Shibari wear manages to communicate this perfectly. Don't be surprised to see more from this talented designer.