European Toilet Company Promotes Their Products

 - Jun 26, 2007   Updated: Jul 7 2011
References: adrants & gushmagazine
On July 1, people passing through New York's Times Square will be exposed to giant smiling asses. Toto Washlet has bought advertising space on a two-story, three sided billboard to promote their toilets, bidets and dryers to America. While their products are big in Europe I'm not sure how smiling asses will convince Americans that they need to use a little more than extra strength, kitten-soft toilet paper.

Implications - For the general population, nudity is often something experienced in the comfort of privacy, so when it is displayed in public spaces, it often shocks and engages viewers. Corporations may utilize this tactic to engage consumers through advertising campaigns, though it should be used sparingly as it may also alienate and offend potential customers.