Ashley Benzon Lets Fans Express Themselves Using Emojis of Her

 - Aug 12, 2016
Ashley Benzon is the latest celebrity to release a range of emojis called 'Benzomoji' inspired by her online social media following. The emoticons highlight the popular actress from series Pretty Little Liars and films such as Spring Breakers doing faces she is known for as well as her friends and entourage. The emojis can be downloaded as a keyboard and implemented into text messaging conversations.

The 'Benzomoji' name derives from Benzon's online nickname, Benzo, and it captures her influence as a social media presence on platforms such as Instagram. The emojis are highly detailed capturing the likeness of the star with contouring, shading and impressive realism. Fans of the star can purchase the set and utilize the emojis, GIFs and audio clips throughout their digital conversations.