Rene Garcia's Exhibit

 - May 1, 2007
References: renegarciajr
Rene Garcia has been a long standing glitter artist - doing work for companies like Diesel. However, its for his tribute to Anna Nicole Smith 'Who Profits' that the artist is getting most attention. And I agree, it rocks.

More about Rene (From his site): "René draws upon a broad palette of established techniques, media, and experience in an effort to re-imagine popular art. An accomplished painter, graphic designer, illustrator, sculptor and stereo photographer, it his large format sculptural glitter paintings that have drawn the most recognition. His paintings are carefully handcrafted for maximum impact, with some pieces taking over 100 hours to complete. Glitter demands interface; it must be witnessed first-hand in order to appreciate how it sparkles. René exploits this fact in an effort to create art that is truly unique by design. His glitter pieces are highly reflective changes in lighting and movement add vibrancy, depth and dimension. These works are deliberately difficult to reproduce or photograph and must be seen firsthand to be believed."