Kazuhiro Tsuji Recreates a Bust of Frida Kahlo Using Silicone and Resin

 - Dec 10, 2015
References: kazustudios & fubiz.net
Japanese creative Kazuhiro Tsuji recently put together a lifelike sculpture of famed artist and painter Frida Kahlo that looks so incredibly realistic, viewers have to take a second look to see that the bust is nothing more than a work of art. The bust is incredibly realistic made from a combination of materials that mimic the appearance of skin, hair and clothing.

Kahlo is a beloved painter from Mexico that is known for her self-portraits, bold use of color and fierce personality. Tsuji captures the beauty of the artist in a life-size bust of the artist made from a mixture of resin, silicon and platine. The materials are manipulated to replicate the texture of Kahlo's black hair, thick eyebrows, ears, nose and mouth down to the sharpest of features.