Artist Chema Madoz Photographs Surreal Optical Illusions

 - Jun 5, 2013
References: chemamadoz & visualnews
Whimsical and surreal, artist Chema Madoz re-imagines everyday objects in a way that will delight and amaze audiences. Whether it is bobby pins raining from the heavens down into a sea of wavy hair or a disco ball geographical globe, the images are intriguing and thought-provoking, which is often a huge plus when it comes to an artistic body or work.

Based in Madrid, Spain, artist Chema Madoz relies on grayscale finishes to give his photos a Twilight Zone appeal. Nevertheless, he doesn't often stray too far from his original subjects. Visual News notes, "Often, instead of relying upon any physical change in his objects, he holds to deceptively simple juxtapositions to bring about his surprising results." For instance, curbside drains become dish drainers and a curving path becomes the wafting smoke of a cigarette.