This Artisan Jewelry is Constructed With Repurposed Paper

 - Dec 8, 2015
References: capolavori
Crizu Paper Jewelry uses repurposed paper to make stylish and artisan jewelry. It’s a meticulous craft that turns something otherwise considered useless into a work of art and a fabulous accessory. Crizu Jewelry, based in Italy, blends modernity with tradition and is sustainable in its overall themes.

Designer Anna Bonino uses antique books to create her jewelry pieces and combines reclaimed paper with precious stones like quartz, amber, coral and mother of pearl. For her, the use of the paper from the books gives new life to something that may have otherwise been thrown away.

She also uses brass leaves, pumice stones and shells she has found along her travels as a way to incorporate herself into every piece of jewelry she makes. Once the book is chosen, the paper is carefully cut and meticulously folded by hand. Then, the individual parts of the artisan jewelry, whether it be earrings or a necklace, are assembled separately.