Song Rattanakosate Finds Ingenious Ways to Create Tiny Food Characters

 - Oct 28, 2015
References: instagram & mymodernmet
Interior designer Song Rattanakosate has found incredible ways to create edible art snacks, often creating entire scenes for a meal. These adorable sculptures are both savory and sweet, with different ingredients repurposed as characters or other elements in these food art scenes.

Unlike other food artists that rely on intricacy and detail, many of Rattanakosate's works feature minimal detail and use only a few carefully placed items to create characters. Although many of the scenes created begin as art, these food art snacks are equally delicious when eaten. Through her popular Instagram account @SongSweetSong, these wonderful miniature characters have been shared throughout the world. Some of her most famous scenes include a teddy bear made from toast, a bacon-blanket covering a hard-boiled egg character and an iconic bread-sourced Hello Kitty sculpture made with tomatoes.