Armani Ads Accused Of Promoting Sexual Tourism

 - Mar 10, 2007
References: theorangemarket
This is the picture for the new campaign by Armani, made to promote their line of clothes for kids, but critics are suggesting that Armani is promoting something else according to the image chosen. Two Asian girls, about five years old, with their faces covered in make-up and one wearing a bikini.

That's why the Institute for the Defense of Children in Spain (Defensor del Menor) is demanding the removal of such pictures in the campaign. They allege that these photos promote sexual tourism. Such statements are made after they knew that the girls were chosen specifally to gain the attention of adults.

This kind of advertisements are confusing in first place for adults, it makes them pay attention to know if they are looking at children or women. And they are also confusing for kids as well, because they suggest a false ideal of what children should look like and dress like.

Is it just something to get attention or a trend in marketing to kids?