Archigrams by Michie Cao Explain the Details of Famous Buildings

 - Apr 18, 2014
References: michiecao & kickstarter
Archigrams are a set of prints by Michie Cao that offer an educational experience wrapped up in a beautiful piece of art. Considering how many people are not architecturally inclined, Cao took it upon herself to come up with artistic designs that entertain as well as inform.

According to Cao, "the back of every print in the 5x7 print pack comes with interesting information about the building highlighted, including the architect name, architect quote, date built and a brief description of why it’s so special." This allows individuals to become educated about architecture without having to feel bogged down with too many details. In today's day and age where people are looking for quick information, this project meets these demands while turning the study of architecture into a stunning, print-sized piece of art.

Archigrams is available to support through donation on Kickstarter, so check it out and get your copies early!