'Abc.' Released a Colorful Retro Line of Apparel and Jewelry

'Advisory Board Crystals,' a company that's based in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, changed up its selection of goods by creating a series of apparel and jewelry that pairs perfectly together.

Dubbed 'I found her tomorrow,' the collection makes use of incredibly vibrant colorways and prints that are nostalgic of 1990s youth culture. This includes bubblegum-like tie-dye shirts, as well as white hoodies that feature planetary designs down the back and rainbow flames on the sleeves. Also included in the line of apparel and jewelry are a number of graphic t-shirts and an especially unique ring design.

The 14 karat psychic hands that form the base of the ring holds a large gemstone ball that can alternatively be swapped out for different colors. With this, the crystal company shows how the its unique colors and influences can be translated to a new medium -- allowing it to appeal to more consumers and therefore reach higher profits.