AOTERRA Hopes to Use Cloud Servers to Heat Homes

 - May 24, 2013
References: & springwise
The German-based AOTERRA has come up with a unique way to use cloud computing to power homes. The company wants to put cloud servers in homes and use the heat they give off to produce power. The idea behind the service is that cloud servers would be placed in homes and contained in a special box. The box would be fireproof and impregnable by the owner of the home. A special system inside the box would reroute the heat given off by the server to the home's central heating boiler, with no emissions given off.

AOTERRA plans to locate the cloud servers in houses that are next to one another to avoid a loss in performance. The company has already raised 700 percent of its 100,000 EUR goal and is hoping to launch its first servers soon.