The Advertisement Focuses on the Process and Justifications in Quitting

 - Feb 13, 2013
References: stashcapar & youtube
The very new anti-smoking advertisement's effectiveness is questionable just like almost all anti-smoking campaigns. The true understanding of addiction lets people get away from these kinds of fear-inducing campaigns to work.

This particular anti-smoking advertisement is less ambitious in its emotional dramatization and more demonstrative of the real-time excuses quitting smokers tend to make in the process of quitting. They emphasize the abundance of the occasions and the burning sound of the cigarette in a way that it makes the audience almost hear their lungs burning with every decision.

This is definitely a more effective manner of supporting quitting smokers since it takes into account that what the very thing they are promoting is a process and that they need to make the process itself their focal point instead of the beginning or the end.