Naturopathica's Muscle & Joint Tincture Can Be Added to Drinks

 - Oct 12, 2017
References: naturopathica
Naturopathica crafted an anti-inflammatory tincture powered by turmeric that works as a liquid herbal supplement for pain relief.

Turmeric is revered as a powerful anti-inflammatory spice that is an essential component of Ayurvedic medicine. As well as taking inspiration from this ancient Indian remedy, Naturopathica's tincture also draws inspiration from other healing practices around the world. The tincture features dandelion root, which is commonly used in European folk medicine for digestive health and by the Iroquois for pain relief. The natural pain relief remedy also integrates the botanical horsetail grass, which is said to offer support to the body's skeletal system.

To use, Naturopathica suggests that up to 40 drops of its Turmeric Muscle & Joint Tincture may be added to juice, water or tea beverages.