This Nudging Anti-Snore Pillow Will Help You Sleep Soundly All Night

 - Mar 5, 2014
References: hammacher & dudeiwantthat
If you're having trouble sleeping because the person next to you is making so much noise, consider giving them an anti-snore pillow.

This pillow comes with an integrated microphone that tracks the sonic vibrations of snoring. When it senses a person's disturbance it automatically inflates the air pocket to expand to three inches. This soft "nudge" lightly coaxes sleepers to adjust their positioning. The pillow has a 30-minute delay, which gives users enough time to fall back asleep without constantly being re-awoken. The internal microphone can be adjusted to snore-intensity from lighter lady snorers to heavier-set snores; or if you just want a comfortable pillow, the microphone can be turned off.

If you want a good night's rest, yet are tired of telling your significant other to stop snoring, this pillow will do the nudging for you.