MeYou Health's App Helps You Break a Habit Without a Resolution

MeYou Health, a company that helps people achieve and maintain healthier lifestyles, has launched the 'Anti-Resolution' app, an app that will help you break bad habits -- no empty New Year's resolution necessary!

According to MeYou Health, 88 percent of people who make New Year's resolutions fail to keep them, so it's better to commit to little day-to-day actions instead. The Anti-Resolution app helps you to achieve a larger result by reminding you to commit to smaller daily actions -- for example, to lose weight, you can create a new exercise playlist each month to keep you engaged every time you work out. Essentially, the Anti-Resolution app gives you alternative actions that you can take to reach an overall goal. The app provides small daily actions for everything from losing weight to quitting smoking and saving money.