Anna Remarchuk's #Envelopes_Series Project is Sentimental

 - Aug 4, 2015
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Anna Remarchuk is a Ukranian photographer who gained recent Instagram fame with her series of floral envelope images. Capturing her grandmother's unique hobby -- the act of arranging flowers in plain envelopes -- the artist collects countless images of the craft for her #Envelopes_Series project.

The result is both sentimental and visually striking, reminding one of nature's raw beauty. Furthermore, Anna Remarchuk's project is synonymous with her grandmother's fun hobby and is a reminder of the unique bond that they share. Fusing two generations of creativity, this floral envelope image series is elegant, with each image topping the last.

While no two envelope arrangements are alike, each features a similar sense of symmetry and texture that is a result of its botanical props.