The Anitdote Magazine with Naomi Campbell Feature is Sultry & Shaded

 - Sep 15, 2012
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Intensified hues are the main focus of Jan Welters' Antidote Magazine with Naomi Campbell 'One Minute' editorial. Featured as an icon in Antidote Magazine's Spring/Summer edition, Campbell eludes a soft, sultry and playful persona. This One Minute photoshoot features the phenomenal work from make-up artist Alex Babsky, hair stylist Daniel Dyer and Fashion Director Yann Weber.

The French magazine hones into the prestigious, most coveted supermodel of today's society. Campbell's presence captures a beautiful mystic of allure, captivating an audience of intrigued beauty-enthused people. With glowing skin, elegant bone structure and an intensified glare, Campbell engages Antidote's readers with her sought-after appearance. The mundane colors help portray and maintain an iconic aura of this supermodel, which is perfectly fitting for this issue.