Pins and Thread Were Used Here to Animate People and Places

 - May 12, 2015
References: music.sonluxmusic & thisiscolossal
Son Lux has just released an animated video using only pins and thread. Hundreds of pins were paired with rubber thread to create a fantastic form of moving animation. This type of animation reveals a geometric effect like a connect-the-dots or line graph-inspired look.

The video titled 'Change is Everything' was directed by Nathan Johnson in a collaborative union with The Made Shop. Katie Chastain and Johnson completed all the animation by hand, adjusting, changing and moving the pins and thread across the surface of a foam board. Combining rotoscoping and stop-motion the video, took place over a three week period, includes about 4,000 frames and required the manual movement of thousands of pins.

The animated video begins with simple lines, and geometric shapes like cubes and progresses into moving lips human faces, city skylines, animals and much more.