Brandi Marie Little Creates Personified Animal Paintings with an Edge

 - Apr 24, 2013
References: paintedrabbit & thejealouscurator
They say that pets tend to take on the personalities of their owners, an idea that becomes extraordinarily realized in the strange and surreal animal paintings by artist Brandi Marie Little.

Cuddly critters such as rabbits, mice and puppies take on human character traits including head adornments and facial hair. The best ones are the hardcore tattooed creatures such as the rabbit with the tatted ear and the cat with a mermaid inked on its back, simply because these gentle animals are the farthest thing from what I would consider tough.

If you are the type to find concepts such as a dog with a wolf mask as insanely cute, you would thoroughly enjoy the hilariously personified animal paintings by Brandi Marie Little.