The Animal Friendly Trash Can Separates Edible Waste to Feed Urban Strays

 - Dec 3, 2013
Many big cities around the world have begun introducing garbage cans that encourage you to separate your litter for more eco disposal. The Animal Friendly Trash Can explores this strategy, but instead of providing different containers for recyclables, the receptacle includes a compartment at the bottom for uneaten food.

The garbage bin was conceived by Professor Bao Haimo, Xu Kun, He Chao, Jin Meina and Aori Gele with a compassion for stray dogs and cats. Considering that many abandoned pets become ill and even starve to death due to malnourishment, this metropolitan fixture can help to feed them. When you've had your fill of your takeout meal, just remove it from its packaging, discard that in the upper canister, and place the edibles in the chamber in the base where hungry creatures can clean it up.