The Angle Measuring Cup Lets You Quantify Volume While Pouring

 - Nov 30, 2011
References: umutdemirel & yankodesign
Off of the top of their heads, few people may be able to list any major faults of the standard measuring cup. Interestingly, while contemplating the simple yet inventive new feature of the Angle Measuring Cup, one significant shortcoming of its predecessors becomes immediately apparent.

For a large vessel such as this, one may need to tilt it to fill it up under the kitchen faucet, but this makes it quite difficult to gauge the volume acquired. Similarly, if the cook strives to pour a precise portion from a full jug, the task is nearly impossible without the use of a second marked vessel. The Angle Measuring Cup by Umut Demirel is ideal for both of these situations. It has been labeled with diagonal lines for determining capacity when the meniscus meets the spout.