Andrey Pavlov Uses Macro Lens to Capture the Lives of Bugs

 - Mar 9, 2012
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Comparing these Andrey Pavlov images to the movie ‘A Bug’s Life,’ you’d think that Pixar filmed a documentary. Who knew that ants had such amazingly cinematic lives when viewed through a macro lens? Capturing the finest of details, the high powered camera Pavlov uses depicts ants lifting twigs four times their size, riding on sunflower seed shells and hanging nooses on a branch in a very cartoonish manner. People really should start watching ants as a form of entertainment.

Obviously, Andrey Pavlov stages these amazing pictures, but it’s still quite amazing to see ants performing very human tasks. Pavlov’s images are simply rich with narratives and emotion. You can take any one of these still frames and write entire books based on them.