The Andreas Jakwerth 'Beards of Evil' Series Captures Some Atrocious Looks

The Andreas Jakwerth 'Beards of Evil' series channels the facial hair from six of the world's greatest villains. Created by the Vienna-based artist Andreas Jakwerth, whose primary focus is portrait and reportage photography, the series features one model with all six beard styles. The images provide an interesting perspective on how significant figure, both historically and contemporary, can effect modern fashion and coiffure.

According to what Jakwerth told the art website Beautiful Decay, the series, "combines the beard style of some of the more evil villains of mankind's history with contemporary, urban fashion. For us, it was interesting to see how nicely some of these styles would work with today’s fashion even though you cannot wear a beard like these nowadays."

The featured villians from the Andreas Jakwerth Beards of Evil series are: Hitler, Osama bin Laden, Stalin, Manson, Hayden and Bush.