Anders Oinonen Depicts Whimsical Visages that Have Been Deflated

 - Mar 6, 2012
References: meanders & booooooom
On initial viewing, you may write off these Anders Oinonen paintings as nothing more than a collection of odd geometric shapes and vibrant colors. Spend a little extra time, however, and you’ll be able to discern a collection of cartoon faces which have seemingly been deflated onto themselves. The expressions these subjects make are so sad and somewhat pathetic that the audience can’t help but empathize with these characters, even though they don’t look particularly like human beings. It makes for quite a comical and surreal visual experience.

Anders Oinonen’s work is exhibited throughout North America in major cities like Toronto, New York and Houston. He crafts these images using oil paints on canvases. Though the compositions may seem childlike, the technical skill required to render images such as Oinonen’s is actually quite substantial.