Amy Brener Creates Futuristic Sculptures Embedded With Found Objects

 - Sep 24, 2012
References: amybrener & fastcodesign
Like the totem poles of the future, Amy Brener's sculptures are stunningly sci-fi in a breathtaking way. Even she herself acknowledges this by describing them as "artifacts of an imagined future." In place of wood and animalistic carvings, this artist relies on crystal-like materials and color to convey emotion in an artistic manner. In reality, however, Amy Brener's artworks aren't made out of crystal. Instead, they are a combination of concrete, resin and pigment.

Based in New York City, Amy Brener pours color tinted resin into wooden molds and then embeds found objects such as mirrors, fractal lenses and circuit boards into them. Brener writes, "Their surfaces are complex crusts that appear to have cracked, crystallized and weathered with time. Within these crusts there are fragments of technology: the microchips, panels and screens of an unknown future."