This Amputation Site Dolphin Tattoo Embraces a Bodily Alteration

Unfortunately, the story behind this amputation site dolphin tattoo is unknown, but one thing is for certain: its owner has embraced this major change to his body.

Though the loss of an arm may not impede a person's ability to carry on with everyday tasks, it alters the appearance of one's physique in a way that can attract a certain amount of attention from others. The man depicted in these photos recognizes that he may have been a cause for a few extra stares, and perhaps in an attempt to lighten himself and others up, he has ordered this amputation site dolphin tattoo to both disguise and embellish his disfigurement. Expertly executed by Valio Ska of the SofiaInk Tattoo Shop, this witty tatt works with the skin and the scarring in a flawless fashion.