American Idol Adds Kara DioGuardi, Promises Hipper Guests

 - Jan 14, 2009
References: today.msnbc.msn
Kara DioGuardi is joining American Idol in its 8th season to act as a second female host alongside Paula Abdul. Producers are hoping that adding the Grammy-nominated song writer could add spice back to the reality show.

"Idol’s overall viewership tumbled seven per cent after five straight years of growth," the Montreal Gazette reports, adding that guest stars like Neil Diamond and Dolly Parton aren’t exactly hip and inspiration and youthful.

"I’m a straight shooter, I’m going to tell it like I see it, but I’m also going to bring some heart to the show," DioGuardi said. "I don’t want to make anyone cry. I’m not there to destroy their dreams."

She was referring to her own hope to become a singer which, upon falter, led to her career as a music writer.

"It’s very hard to tell someone that it’s not going to be their career," she said. "You don’t want to crush anybody, but if they have some talent, you do want to encourage them to keep going."

In addition to throwing Kara DioGuardi, 38, into the mix, American Idol has plans for younger, more lively guest coaches, a move they hope will infuse a much needed kick to the show.

Will adding Kara DioGuardi and hipper guests will spice up American Idol or kill its flavor?