Use the Amenbo Five-Finger Mouse to Navigate your Computer More Easily

 - Jun 30, 2011
References: diginfo & everythingusb
Sometimes being on the computer for too long can leave your hand feeling cramped from holding on to the mouse, but the Amenbo Five-Finger Mouse could potentially fix all of that for you.

Double Research & Development Co. has created a mouse that uses a five-finger technology as the navigation system for your computer. With the ability to "sense the movements and pressure of individual fingers," the Amenbo Five-Finger Mouse can be used more fully with a program which requires total hand recognition according to DigInfo TV.

With a mouse like this, you’ll never have to worry again about your computer not recognizing what you want.

Implications - With the advancement of technology growing every day, consumers are only looking for the best. Products that push the limits on what is new are attractive to customers who want to stay on the cutting-edge. Developing products with a contemporary element could help a company stay on top.