Altifarm Allows Those with a Green Thumb to Farm All Year Long

 - Apr 17, 2017
References: indiegogo
Indoor farming is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among younger demographics that tend not to have yards in which they can grow plants and foods -- and Altifarm aims to be a go-to for individuals with a green thumb.

Altifarm functions as a vertical indoor garden that is able to grow herbs, fruits, vegetables or plants from the comfort of the home. It features four modular tiers and a self-watering system, making it both easy to use and easily accessible. The integrated watering system allows the plants to consume as much water as they require, which takes out the guesswork for homeowners and ensures that even those who are not experts in agriculture are able to effectively use the indoor gardening system.

Altifarm is able to provide a simple method of growing crops for health-conscious consumers, or for those who would like to maintain their green thumb year-round.