Almost Illegal Challenges are From the Wrong Side of the Tracks

 - Dec 16, 2009
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One Second mouth refresher, known primarily for their breakthroughs in functional candies, is breaking through yet again with their new Almost Illegal Challenges campaign. In the past the brand has used innovations to bring consumers a wide variety of mints with proven results.  Their mission: for their functional candies to give individuals a new found confidence, similar to that given to us by deodorant. 

These Almost Illegal Challenges have, however, taken them in a new and fun direction as it catches fire.   At, contestants can post videos of their creative (and often hilarious) almost illegal activities and behavior. With titles such as ‘Almost illegal bowling,’ ‘Almost illegal sex,’ ‘Almost illegal naked run,’ and ‘Almost illegal alcohol challenge,’ you can imagine the interactive site is creating quite a stir for both viewers and contestants.