eBay Blunders

 - Sep 4, 2007
References: gizmag
Who knew a typo on eBay could have a $500,000 consequence? It all started when an eBay user slipped a typo into their post for an official bottle of Allsopp's Arctic Ale, brewed for an Arctic expedition led by Sir Edward Belcher in 1852.

The seller made a vital error, when he accidentally omitted the 'p' in "Allsop's." This kept all potential eBay bidders from finding the product. All but one, that is. One clever user recognized the value of the bottle, so he bought it for an outrageously low bid of $304 USD. Acting quickly, he reposted the item on eBay, this time spelling it correctly, and, after receiving 157 bids, sold the bottle for US $503,300.

A vital lesson not to rely on your spell checker, don't you think?